About The Farm

B’JAYs FARM is a purposeful farm. Our customers count on us for decisive answers and assertive on the quality of our products. They have come to expect, and we demand of ourselves, the excellence to provide knowledgeable and opinionated responses to all of their inquiries. And in all matters, at all times, we are efficient and goal-oriented when it comes to our products.

B’JAYs FARM envisions to produce value-added products from pomelo, kalamansi and other citrus fruits whose price relies mainly on the law of supply and demand. It involves the processing of fruits into juice and fruit juice concentrates on commercial-scale using advanced technology. The farm aims to supply the local market with fresh quality fruits and ready-to-drink fruit juices and juice concentrates.


B’JAYs FARM will lead the way as a quality producer of fruits especially pomelo,kalamansi , and citrus fruits by means of making of quality products that can help the customers when it comes to their health issues.

We assure you quality


We will take control of the quality of our products by using the best strategies to our fruits and especially pomelo,kalamansi, and citrus fruits to produce quality fruits.


B’JAYs FARM  will pursue the specific goals of our customers by satisfying them with our quality products since we need quality and beneficial products.

BJAY's Farms aims


 B’JAYs FARM will accept the comments and opinions of our customers so that we can improve more with our products and to maintain the quality of our product. Also, we will set the standard in the quality of citrus-based beverages by constantly looking for innovative ways and techniques and using advanced technology used for production.

"The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings"

Masanobu Fukuoka