B’JAYS Farms aims to process beverages from citrus fruit and to promote also the quality citrus fruits came from M’lang.

B’JAYS Farms will also maintain the quality of the product using a method that will produce quality fruits, especially in citrus. And, also to boost the industry of citrus farming.


Fresh citrus organic products, comprising oranges, grapefruit, mandarins, limes, lemons, and minor varieties. With expanding all year rivalry from different natural products, keeping up this market position will necessitate that new organic product quality is ideal. Determinants of organic product quality can be divided into those influencing outer quality and those characterizing inside quality. Both of these are basic since outer quality impacts introductory acquiring decision particles. While inside quality decides consumption and rehash deal. 


Gassing with ethylene is frequently important to wipe out the chlorophyll. Valencia oranges, which mature in the spring following the year of flowering. Also, it may grow full strip shading during colder months even though the organic product inside is juvenile. On the other hand, develop organic products may regreen with the advent of a hotter climate. These steps to remove e the chlorophyll. Since citrus is non-climacteric, organic products don’t experience fast maturation. Senescence, and mellowing which are characteristics of climacteric natural products. Misfortune of firmness in a reaped natural products is frequently due basically to the misfortune of water from the strip. Although citrus natural products do have surface cuticular wax, which gives some barrier to water misfortune


The washed organic product loses dampness and solidness much faster than unwashed fruit. To make up for this, and to enhance appearance. This not just lessens weight reduction, yet gives surface sparkle.

BJAY's Farms focus

We are known to our quality fruit products.

We assure quality and organic fruit products.

BJAY's Farms aims
BJAY's Farms aims

Our fruits is handled by our knowledgeable and expert farmers from this field farming so that we can obtain high quality products.

“Farming is a profession of hope.”

Brian Brett