Calamansi and it’s daily uses

Do you want to know What is Calamansi and it’s daily uses? Read the article below written by Bjay’s Farms, a premium producer of Calamansi, pomelo and Ambassador Citrus fruits.

Calamansi fruits are formerly identified as Citrus Mitis BLANCO. It bears a small citrus fruit that is used to flavor drinks and food. The fruit is sour and often used for cooking and preserves. It is high in vitamin c. Despite its outer appearance and its aroma. The fruit itself is quite sour although the peel is sweet. The citrus fruit juice can be extracted by crushing the whole fruit. The Juice can be used in place of that of the common Persian lime. In the Philippines, the calamansi juice is used for marinating and season fish because of its sour taste. It is also used in various beverages. Notably as Calamansi juice. Like other citrus fruit, its high in vitamin C.It is very commonly used as a condiment in Filippino cuisine dishes like pancit or lugaw.

These fruits in the Philippines are available in a year-round and can be seen in the agricultural area. There is also a variety size of regular Calamansi. It has a yellow color in the green stripes of the fruits. The plant is usually attractive when the fruit is present. The only major producer of Calamansi is the Philippines.

It can only survive in a tropical place. Sub-tropical and warmer parts of warm temperate climates. The fruits are often used when the thin rind is still green on the outside. This juice is a great source of vitamin c.A bountiful with the goodness of appeal, nutrients, and taste. It is the best Ingredient for preparing ice cream, jello, juice, soft drinks, fruit preserves, and yogurt.

It has a distinctive characteristic of wing-like appendages on the leaf stalks and white or purplish flowers. The pulp of the fruit is orange in color and has a very thin orange peel when it ripens. Each fruit bears 8 to 12 seeds each. With beautiful colors making it an attractive ornamental plant. calamansi is none the less, shaped similar to small round lime sizing upto 25-35 mm in diameter.

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