How to grow pomelo

Do you want to know how to grow pomelo? Read the article below written by Bjay’s Farms, a premium producer of pomelo fruits.

Bjays Farms offers you Pomelo Fruits. This Pomelo Fruit is the main product of the farm. The farm has an area of 2 hectares of Fruit-bearing trees and it produces 30-40 tones /harvest. Bjays Farms has the best variety of Pomelo name Magallanes. It’s famous because it is seedless and juicy pomelo.

Also pomelo is the hardiest among all kind of citrus, making it resistant to pests and diseases. It is the only fruit with a long shelf life. If harvested at the right stage of maturity, it could last for more than a month under ordinary room temperature. 

For this reason, the fruit could be shipped in various destinations without the risk of being spoiled. The Magallanes pomelo is a variety that bears fruit often in clusters. It is recommended, however, that the extra fruits be thinned out.

How to grow pomelo?

The large planting materials have very high survival and they also bear fruit earlier. Also, large planting materials are recommended for field planting compare with the small grafted seedlings.

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