How to make Bottled Calamansi concentrate

Do you know how to make Bottled Calamansi concentrate? Read the article below written by Bjay’s Farms, a premium producer of Bottled Calamansi concentrate

Good manufacturing practices are recommended and proper sanitary procedures. Keep fingernails short, clean, wash hand thoroughly and change disposal gloves regularly. And also avoid coughing and sneezing,

Proper manufacturing procedures-safety procedures, step by step process, quality control protocol, Proper attire. hairnet, face mask, gloves, and safety shoes.

How to make Bottled Calamansi concentrate? Wash Calamansi twice in potable water and soak the Calamansi in 100ppm Chlorine solution for 5 minutes. In addition, wash again in potable water. Extract the juice with a screw-type extractor and strain it with a clean cheesecloth. Moreover, Weigh the strained extract to determine the ratio of sugar to be added. Prepare the syrup. For every 250 grams of Calamansi juice use 500 grams of sugar + 250 grams of water. For instance, we have now a Calamansi Concentrate.

What are the procedure of making bottled Calamansi Concentrate? Using the strainer remove the scum, drain and allow to cool down to 50° celsius. Pour in packaging containers and seal tightly. Your Calamansi juice concentrate is ready to consume. When you want to drink calamansi juice, that is the only time that you get some of the concentrates and mix with ice-cold water and sugar to sweeten it. Do not use hot water because it will kill the vitamin content of the juice.

Boil the syrup and strain add the Calamansi juice and heat to 85°C and then turn off the heat and then settle for 15minutes.

Ingredients; Calamansi, refined sugar, purified water, With Calamansi is right maturity age, look fresh, tart flavor and good quality juice.

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