Pomelo fruit: How to grow it?

Pummelo is one of the famous variety because of its hardiest among all of Citrus, making it resistant to pests and diseases

Pomelo fruit: How to grow it?

Do you want to know Pomelo fruit: How to grow it? Read the article below written by Bjay’s Farms, a premium producer of Calamansi, pomelo and Ambassador Citrus fruits.

It is the only fruit with a long shelf life. If harvested at the right stage of maturity. It could last for more than a month under ordinary room temperature. The large planting materials have very high survival and they also bear fruit earlier. Also, large planting materials are recommended for field planting compare with the small grafted seedlings.

The Magallanes and Nenita Pummelo are the only two commercial varieties that are prolific, sweet and juicy. The biggest export markets of these varieties are Japan and Hong Kong.. As with all citrus trees, pummelo trees enjoy full sun especially hot, rainy climates

In the Philippines, the common varieties are Amoy Mantan, Magallanes, Panacan, Mental, Aroma, Sunwui Luk, and Siamese Selections.. Parente orange, Red Chandler, Siamese pummelo, Magallanes and King Mandarin gave the best performance as to yield, survival and positive net return, thus, recommended for planting.

Allow pomelos to ripen on the tree if you are growing them yourself. Leave the fruit in place as long as possible before harvesting. The trees may flower and fruit more than once per year, but the main crop of fruit begins to ripen on the trees around November. The rind yellows as the fruit ripen.

How do we know if the Pumelo fruits are ripe?

Pomelo and other citrus are unlike other fresh fruit when it comes to harvesting. the fruit’s color and size do not indicate its maturity. Rather, maturity depends solely on the calendar.

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