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The Calamansi of BJAY’s Farms

The Calamansi of BJAY’s Farms, otherwise called calamondin or Philippine lime, is a financially significant citrus half breed transcendently developed in the Philippines. It is local to the Philippines and surrounding regions of the Philippines. Calamansi is pervasive in customary Filipino food. In addition the Malaysian and Indonesian utilized the calamansi to their cooking style. 

The Calamansi is the Philippine English spelling of Tagalog kalamansi ([kɐlɐmɐnˈsɪʔ]). Its name is most broadly known in the Philippines.  It is also an old name from the American time of the Philippines. It is an anglicized type of the other Tagalog name kalamunding. Other English regular names of calamansi include Philippine lime, calamonding, calamondin orange, calamandarin, brilliant lime, Panama orange  and corrosive orange.

Product of colorful calamansi

Citrus mitis Blanco, or C. microcarpa Bunge is the former name of calamansi. Swingle’s arrangement of citrus order would place kumquats into a different class. Fortunella, making the calamansi an intergeneric half and half. In 1975, John Ingram and Harold E. Moore gives its crossbreed name as “Citrofortunella mitis”. In 1984, D. Onno Wijnands brought up that Bunge’s species name, C. microcarpa , originated before Blanco’s Citrus mitis (1837). In other words, it makes Citrofortunella microcarpa the best name. Phylogenetic examination presently puts the kumquat inside alike sort from different citrus. It implies that its crossbreeds, including those in the past named Citrofortunella, moreover have a place in Citrus.

Calamansi in the Philippines

Tagalog, Kampapangan and Pangasinan individuals called this as kalamansî or kalamunding. Visayans called this as limonete or simuyaw. Calamansi additionally develops in the northern pieces of Indonesia and southern China.  At this point, it left to mature and turns a tangerine orange.


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