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The Kalamansi Concentrate of B’JAYS Farms

This item intends to illuminate the necessities of clients with regards to their day by day needs particularly with regards to their nourishment.

Did you realize the medical advantages of Calamansi Concentrate with Honey?

Calamansi is indigenous and broadly developed in the Philippines. This organic product normally observed and accessible in the market are unripened state as a dim green natural product. There are numerous employments of Calamansi like in cooking, cleaning and in juices. The healthy advantages of Calamansi juice with Honey are as well as can be expected get from Calamansi.

Solid advantages of Calamansi Concentrate with Honey

The photograph above is a Calamansi concentrate with nectar that I purchased from my closest companion Sister Marilou, O.S.A. She revealed to me that they make and procedure the Calamansi juice condensed with nectar at the cloister.

Solid advantages of Calamansi concentrate with nectar

Incredible wellspring of Vitamin C

It contains phosphorus, Vitamin B, calcium, and iron.

It helps in keeping the kidney clean and brings down cholesterol in the body.

Nutrient C and nectar fortifies the insusceptible framework.

The nectar in Calamansi concentrate helps an individual to rest better and loosens up the body.

Best to drink in the event that you have colds, hack, and fever.

At home, we drink Calamansi Concentrate with Honey. I set up this juice in a glass of water blend with 2-3 tablespoons of Calamansi Concentrate with Honey. You don’t have to include sugar since it tastes perfectly subsequent to blending it. At the point when father and the young man became ill with pneumonitis, I have discovered that it best to blend this to their beverage as a result of the health advantages of Calamansi Concentrate with Honey. I purchased this from Sister and let them drink Calamansi Concentrate juice with Honey while taking their medications. Praise God! They feel much improved and recuperated quick. Presently, we accept the Calamansi squeeze as a normal juice drink for the family.

Calamansi juice drink is likewise a prescribed juice drink for your children in school. I make it for my kid for school baon simply make a point not to include nectar when children are savoring this school since they may feel sluggish so better include the nectar when they are at home.


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